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Palo Alto Airport Day


Ralph Britton: President Palo Alto Airport Association

Once again the Palo Alto Airport Association will host Airport Day at the Palo Alto Airport, located adjacent the Baylands Park at the end of Embarcadero Road.  This open house offers the community a chance to see the inner workings of their airport and better understand and appreciate its value.  The best part is that it’s all free! Free parking, free admissions, free airplane rides for kids 8-17! Enjoy aircraft displays and tours of the airport tower.


The event will be held Sunday September 11th, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Tours and exhibits focus on making this a fun, interesting and educational outing for the whole family.  Food vendors will be serving a range of foods and drinks to satiate the hunger pangs of visitors (although no alcohol is allowed - after all this is a working airport!).  Vendors will offer a range of exhibits and aircraft-oriented items for sale.  There will be fun diversions for the kids as well.


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Young Eagles Program


EAA offers FREE flights for kids 8-17 years of age throughout the day.  Bring your kids and their schoolmates and friends.  Here is a chance for them to enjoy an inspirational experience they will not soon forget.  To find the location, just look for the kids with the huge smiles on their faces!


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