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By joining the Association you (and/or your business) will enable us to carry on our work of promoting the well being of the airport for all its users, and keeping the local communities enlightened and informed of the benefits the Airport brings to the area.


Please note that the Association is run purely by volunteers who claim no stipends or expenses of any kind for the work they do. The majority of the donations go to defray the annual airport day held in September each year.


Please join The Palo Alto Airport Association.


Your contribution serves to support our work on your behalf. All Board Members are unpaid volunteers and all work is done on a pro-bono basis.

What a membership provides:

• PAAA Newsletter

• Participation in the meetings of the PAAA

• Opportunity for Leadership and advocacy related to the future of our airport

• Opportunity to participate "behind the scenes" at Airport Day



"Collaboration with a network of experienced and new pilots alike to enhance your learning experience and the satisfaction of contributing to the PAAA's airport advocacy and watchdog initiatives".

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